Joggers & Lagers


Our weekly staple event continues through the winter months. Keep stepping forward, no matter the pace. We will continue the normal time and place through January and February regardless of weather and conditions.

Please use your discrepancy and judgment to run. Should temperatures not breach 40 degrees by 4pm, we encourage you to show up for a lager. If you choose to run, please layer up and wear bright clothes and grab a flashlight. The route will continue as normal. At 4pm if there is a greater than 50% chance of rain, the run portion will be cancelled, but lagers, well, drink on my friends.

Walk, jog, or run, ALL ARE WELCOME! Keeping out normal 2 mile route around colonial place through the winter.

After, stay for the steak-dinner special, and have a good time with some of the best people you'll ever meet!

Please note, location may vary, please check details each week. Please visit Facebook event for specific location details.

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