MJ's Tavern

100% love it
Good ol' neighborhood bar
This casual pub has reasonably priced drinks, delicious food, and good vibes.


    • AWFULLLL!!!!
      I could go to a straight bar and be treated like sh*t! Especially the bitchy, big bellied bearded bartender in the front- SUCKS!!! Spend your money else where!

    • cpcasey
      cpcasey 1 year ago
      Loves it

      Good bar that drew all members of the community. It was refreshing to see such a cross section at a bar. Drinks were cheap and well mixed by an incredibly friendly staff. Can't wait for a return trip next time I'm in town.

    • MeLuis
      MeLuis Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friendly attractive crowd and staff. Wonderful place to have enjoyed
      The Second day of Norfolk, Virginia's PrideFest! Due to inclement weather. Good food, great drinks, spacious, great music, games, very friendly and attractive fun clientele,! Thank You to the members of Hampton Roads Gay PrideFest Committee, Decorum and all other sponsors for a truly Amazing and inspired BlockParty held at the Scope Arena. It paralleled Pride Events of much larger Metropolitan Cities as well as some European Pride Events. Bravo! Hampton a Roads Pride, Hampton Roads Proud! Thank You to MJ's, the employees, and the great GLBT community for making my Saturday most memorable! A new loyal patron.

    • Jaguar2
      Jaguar2 Over a year ago

      Memorial Day Weekend
      Nice bar, friendly locals, and excellent food. Was packed on Sunday for $1 drinks. Wide mix of people here but worth the visit. I went back for dinner 3 nights.

    • MkinMeSoHi
      MkinMeSoHi Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Food, Family, & Friends
      This place is so much fun ...

    • btnfly
      btnfly Over a year ago

      See Kevin for all your drink needs. Very easy on the eyes. ;-)